Public School

2018 Details Coming Soon

This was the 2017 School

MSU Tollgate Center

28115 Meadowbrook Rd

Novi, MI 48377

(MAP to Tollgate Center)

9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Lunch is included)

COST: $ TBD per adult
TBD per child under 18 – Accompanied by an Adult


Casting for the BEGINNER or Tree Avoidance Etiquette

  • Equipment – choosing a rod, reel, line, leader, tippet, and flies
  • Casting Basics – rod position, pick-up, back cast, forward cast, drift, fade
  • Casting Technique – rod grip, loading the rod, presentation
  • Demonstrate/Practice – roll, reach, and wiggle cast; mending

Equipment, Knots, and Stuff

  • Equipment ideology for a successful day on the water – rod, reel, line terminology; choosing lines / leaders / tippets
  • Knots – terminology; how to tie knots and when to use them
  • Stuff – Etiquette, where to go, how to act and be safe, Catch and Release methods, reading the water, how to measure a fish

Entomology / Hatches / Fly Tying

  • Entomology for Fishing Application
  • Lower Michigan’s Bugs & Hatches – Mayflies and Caddis and more
  • Identify basic flies to carry on the stream…some will work…



2018 forms will be coming soon

Print and fill out the application form and send it and your payment to the address below.
CONTACT: Chris Hunter
  cell 734-233-8025
  Send Payment to: MFFC Public School
  c/o Chris Hunter
  11937 Glenview Drive  Plymouth, MI 48170
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