First off Al & Joyce Haxton wanted everybody headed out to join them in Montana this August that there has been a change in the Montana fishing license schedule. As licenses are not available at the fly shops at this time, due to flood damage to the facilities, remember to order yours online.

Good morning fellow travelers.

Joyce and I are both at Driftwaters and enjoying our stay and the fishing.  She has caught more fish than me, and bigger too.  The weather has been sunny and warm days with cooler nights.   

We discovered that the fly shops do not have Yellowstone Park fishing licenses available. Seems that the park service has made that all online now. So use the above link to purchase your fishing license for the Park if you choose to fish there. We will not be visiting the NE corner this year as it is inaccessible at this time, so you might decide to forgo the Park fishing. We found the fishing license website easy to navigate and use.  We printed our license since we never carry our phones on the river.  But if you choose to carry your phone on the river the digital license is available and acceptable.  Your choice.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the next few weeks or three.

The first attached picture is Joyce’s biggest fish yet.  The second picture is a huge Stonefly we captured.    

Safe travels,