Comments end today on the proposed Alpena Airspace (Project Fighter Mission Selfridge) expansion proposal that dovetails with the Camp Grayling ground expansion to allot more land for testing and airspace warfare runs in the area.

What Are The Issues?

  • Decreased access of recreating areas.
  • Flying height changes that effect a large swath of south eastern Michigan and all of the thumb area.
  • Chemically coated metal shrapnel dropped from planes in natural spaces.
  • Bombing divots containing chemical compounds in natural areas.
  • Noise stresses on animals, children and adults alike, affecting behavior, reproduction, migration and survival.
  • Strafing (flying at 500 feet above the water) exercises over Lake Huron. Military aircraft noise effects aquatic life 30 meters below the water’s surface according to research.
  • Removal of quiet areas.
  • Lands surveyed for airspace assessment include park, rural and wetlands in which there are no humans residing permanently.
  • The lack of thorough studies on the impacts of wildlife and children.

Is There More Information?

Not One More Acre

“If I thought for ONE MINUTE that this (expansion) would save just one soldier’s life, I’d be 100% behind this expansion, but this expansion proposal is not about that.” Retired Lt. Col. Mike MacNamara

“The primary mission on that land is military. There is not a concern for environmental impact on that land.” Martha Duby, local activist.

“If this expansion goes through, Camp Grayling with control 96% of all land in Crawford County.” Monty Bolis, local activist.

Who Do I Contact?

Today, please contact: National Guard Bureau; Attn: Ms. Kristi Kucharek; via email at: with subject ATTN: ALPENA SUA EA.

Send Camp Grayling Expansion comments to DNR Director Shannon Lott at and

Email Shannon Lot at:

For more information or questions, please contact the Michigan National Guard public affairs office:,” according to the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.” Contact