Conservation is part of the Michigan Fly Fishing Club’s mission, so we provide grants, coordinate teams to attend clean ups, and teach conservation concepts in our member’s school, public school and through speakers at our monthly meetings.

Help Us Clean Up Michigan Rivers

Protecting game fish and their habits is part of the Michigan Fly Fishing constitution. Yearly opportunities are offered to help clean up and maintain many of our most popular Michigan Rivers.

Conservation Project Grants

The Michigan Fly Fishing Club funds conservation projects that serve to enhance and protect fish habitats. Historically, related grants given exceeded $20,000 annually funding habitat preservation projects.

Submitted monetary requests are reviewed annually by the Michigan Fly Fishing Club Conservation Committee. In 2019, a total $21,245, for 12 Grants, was distributed. This includes funding for: the Pere Marquette River, Big Sable River, Paint Creek, the Muskegon River and two different organizations performing activities on the Au Sable River.

Photos of the Local Clinton Valley Trout Unlimited projects funded in part by MFFC grant funds.