I am sure most of us have broken fly rods. In my case I broke four of them. Every time I have broken a fly rod, I have been on a trip, and always had a back up rod available. I just didn’t always use it.

The last rod I broke was while fishing the Deshuetes River in Oregon, a tough river to fish because the river bottom is covered with rocks and boulders. While attempting to exit the river, a rock rolled out from under me. I fell forward slamming my rod on another rock. At that time I knew I had chipped the finish, but did not realize the rod was cracked.

Naturally I was frustrated as water filled my waders completely soaking my clothes. I hiked back to the gathering spot set up with my friends. Removing my waders and clothes, I laid everything out to dry, otherwise I would ride for 2 hours in soaked clothing, even my Levis.

While sitting on a rock and getting sunburned I saw rainbows porpoising, feeding on the daily PMD hatch. I just could not stand watching this action and not fishing. So I put on my wading boots and headed to the river in my boxers and T-shirt. While casting, a 15 inch rainbow grabbed my fly. In the process of landing the fish, my rod came apart at third section. I was afraid I was going to damage my line by dragging the line over the break so landed the rainbow by putting down the rod and pulling the line in hand over hand. Who says you never catch a fish on your last cast!

Here is  The Fly Rod Breakin’ Blues, or download a copy here, about just this problem.

Tight Lines and be safe,

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